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22 October 2019

When I look for companies I can work with I sometimes look at how companies profile themselves on sites like Remote OK. It gives me a sense of what the market looks like. Yesterday I found a really interesting new website called Key Values which shows you the core values of companies.

One really interesting aspect is that they give you a couple of questions you can ask when applying for a job to find out if their values align with yours, some examples:

When you want to know if it’s a safe environment to fail ask;

What is your process for writing post-mortems, and are they shared publicly?

When you want to know about work/life balance ask;

How responsive are people to emails/Slack over the weekends and after 6pm?

When you want to know if they value code quality ask;

What is your build process like?

When you know what they think about diversity ask;

What kind of diversity programs are there at the company?

When you want to know about the employee retention ask;

What is the most common reason engineers have left this company?

When you want to work remotely ask;

Will I be working with anyone who is remote, or who works from home on a regular basis?

This is a link with the values I selected.

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