03 March 2011

Today I want to share my latest project that I started about two weeks ago. This idea came to me months ago while working on a freelance job at a studio in Amsterdam. Me and my fellow co-worker created a typical scrumboard for the project we were working on. (below you see the first result when you Google-Image search for the term ‘scrumboard’).

So what is a scrumboard? A scrumboard is basically a todolist with three columns, todo, in progress and done. I really like this approach when it comes to keeping track of todos.

There is nothing wrong with keeping this analog feel with post-it’s. However this analog approach has it’s downsides.

The problem with this analog version came up when I wanted to work from home, because I couldn’t see or move items on the todolist. So I thought to myself why not make this into a simple webapp so everybody can use this from where ever they are at that moment. So that’s when I started ‘todomeister’.

After a few days there was a first prototype I could use for my own projects and in the following weeks this first prototype evolved while I continued to work on it. And I can safely say it’s stable and usable for other people at this moment (I even passed the 1.0 version number).

I want to keep Todomeister really simple, just like the analog version. So no user management system or project management system. Just pick a project name and go, create a digital scrumboard in a split second!

Here are some photos of Todomeister running on my iPad.

If you want to try it for yourself go to

There is also the possibility to install it on your own server if you would like some more privacy although I got password protection for a todolist

Some of the features are

I hope you guys can give it a test drive, and please provide feedback in the comments so I can continue to improve it.

I want to give some additional credit to Jeroen Braspenning from EDHV for upgrading my original design! And to Bernard Visser for hosting the site!

last note, it’s on github as well

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