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19 April 2010

There are several loggers used by Flash developers, some like logger A and others like B. I switch between loggers from time to time. I like Trazzle because it’s lightning fast and I use MonsterDebugger because is really extensive. I needed an easy way to switch between loggers. That’s why I created LogMeister. LogMeister is a wrapper which you can use for every logger and I added the ones that that I have used over the last few years.

It’s really easy to use. The first thing you need to do is add the logger you need (do this once in you document class).

This is an example how to add all available loggers (not recommended):

import logmeister.LogMeister;
import logmeister.connectors.*;
LogMeister.addLogger(new TrazzleConnector(stage, "Application Name"));
LogMeister.addLogger(new SosMaxConnector());
LogMeister.addLogger(new MonsterDebuggerConnector(stage));
LogMeister.addLogger(new YalogConnector());
LogMeister.addLogger(new FlashConnector());

After you have done that, it’s super easy to use (and no imports!!). In LogMeister there are different levels for sending messages, it’s recommended that you use these levels. In most loggers these levels have different colors.

Example usage:


A zipfile can be downloaded at github.com. The zip file contains the source and working examples (CS4 & code only).

If you have any suggestions please let me know (or fork me at GitHub).

Happy logging.

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