Desktop Calendar With Geektool And Icalbuddy

23 March 2010

Okay, I got several requests about writing a post on how to get a calendar on your desktop with Geek Tool and ICalBuddy. It’s pretty simple! (This only works if you use ICal!)

The end result looks like this:

The first thing you should do is download iCalBuddy, I have put it in my application folder after I downloaded it. The download link for ICalBuddy is:

The second step is getting the GeekTool working, GeekTool is a preference pane which allows you to create widgets on your desktop containing terminal scripts (and that’s pretty geeky). You can download the latest release of the Geek Tool here:

After you have installed the GeekTool you should get a preference pane like this:
The Geek Tool Prefpane

Then you drag the icol Shell to your desktop after you have done that a new pop up appears:

Then the last step is to put this script in the Command box,

/Applications/icalbuddy/icalBuddy 'eventsToday+10'

ps. /Applications/icalbuddy/ is the path to where I have put iCalBuddy!
ps. You can customize the iCal script in all sorts of ways, see

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