Where Are All The Adventure Games Gone

28 December 2008

When I was young, the only games I cared about were adventure games. I finished almost every Lucas Arts adventure game. But nowadays there are hardly any of those games made. I wonder why.

Wikipedia says:

For much of the 1980s, adventure games were one of the most popular types of computer games produced. However, their US market share drastically declined in the mid-1990s; action games took a greater share of the US market, particularly first person shooters such as Doom and Half-Life which progressively began featuring strong, story-structured solo games. This slump in popularity led many publishers and developers to see adventure games as financially unfeasible in comparison.

A few weeks ago I talked to some friends about this, and the strange thing is we all liked adventure games more than shooters. Maybe it is time to make a adventure game ourselves? Who would be interested? I made a small adventure game myself a few years ago, maybe it would be nice to work on such a project..

Some games I really liked:

‘Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle’


‘Sam and Max hit the road’


‘Full throttle’




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