23 April 2012

Last weekend I built something I was thinking about for quite a while. As you probably know I love things that speed up my workflow. I got all kinds of little programs running on my computer which help me to get my work done as soon as posible..

But my hypothesis was; All the tools I use are mapped to a shortcut on my keyboard. So you have to remember quite a lot shortcuts. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just hit a physical button on your desk, to perform a task. Why not have a small box on you desk with a few physical buttons?

Thats what I made last weekend…

Meet Launchmeister:


Inside is a Teensy board with a few buttons I bought at the local electronics shop and a LED to show if there is any data send across the wire.


For Launchmeister I quickly hacked together an OSX Application in which you can set the which applications should launch with each button. It looks like this:


And special thanks goes out to Timo for making a nice icon :)

The Arduino code can be found in this gist on Github.


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